PMG TECHNOLOGY - producent - prdnice, generatory, agregaty wolnobrotowe na magnesach neodymowych, elektrownie wiatrowe o osi pionowej.

About us

Our company has been producing and selling Synchronic Magnetic Generators for a few years.
The generators are tailored and customized.


The lead time: about 2 weeks for current generators of 1000-1500 turns per minute and about 3-4 weeks for the ones of low revolutions.
Power from 5kW to 500kW. Various rotational speed depending on customers’ needs: from 60 turns per minute up to 3000 turns per minute.


The lower revolutions, the greater size of the generator, and, as a result, the price is also higher.
For instance, a current generator of 10kW/375 turns will be on average twice as big and heavy as the one of 10kW/750 turns.


Ready rotors with magnets are mechanically secured against ripping the magnets off at a high rotational speed. Afterwards they are balanced on a dynamic balancer.


If you decide to send us an inquiry about the price of a current generator, please provide the following information:
  1. the nominal power
  2. nominal turns
  3. voltage  with nominal turns
  4. frequency or information that you prefer direct current
  5. the mount of the current generator: horizontal or vertical


It will significantly accelerate our answer to your enquiry.
It is not enough to ask: “How much is a 10kW generator?” which, unfortunately, is a frequently asked question.


A double increase in turns results in a fourfold increase in power. Of course, if turns are decreased twice, the power is reduced four times. A double increase in turns of the current generator doubles Voltage and  doubles Amperage in the generator,  which is why the power  increases four times.